Music as therapy – A book with soul

Using his music as therapy was a way for musician, psychologist, and now author Larry Suess to unite both of his passions. In his book, Still A Minstrel, Suess invites readers to share in his unique life journey.

Compellingly honest, entertaining and inspiring, Still A Minstrel is Suess’ account of key events that led him to become a psychologist and music therapist, as well as a musician and songwriter. Suess explores the power of music to forge connections by reminiscing about the escapades of his traveling rock band, his years as a jazz pianist presiding over a lively piano bar, and using music as therapy as a psychologist to connect with a variety of hard-to-reach clients. He insightfully illustrates how science, culture, technology, and religion affect our response to music.

Equally appealing to music fans, musicians, and mental health professionals, Still A Minstrel is the joyous story of a musician and healer using his own gifts to help others find their paths in an often confusing world.

To learn more about Suess’ music as therapy approach to life – read a free chapter of Still A Minstrel today!


The Music that Inspired the Book!

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"Readers will enjoy the struggles of a garage band to the bandstand with local and world-renowned legends. Suess guides us through those years as the music changed us and we reflected those changes in our music"

- Doug Spartz, Founder,
Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame

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